In our courses we teach orthopaedic medicine, which is based on the life work of the English orthopedic surgeon Dr. James H. Cyriax (1904-1985).

An important distinction with orthopedic surgery lies in therapeutic approach, i.e. the orthopedic medicine is not a surgical discipline.

The primary goal of the method is to achieve a precise diagnosis of the lesion of the musculoskeletal system. This can only be achieved by means of clinical reasoning, in which a focused history is used and in particular a standardized clinical examination.

Only precise diagnosis enables targeted application of therapeutic techniques. In orthopaedic medicine, we use different methods, such as: deep transverse friction, traction, mobilization, manipulation, infiltration or prolotherapy.

To our courses we kindly invite physiotherapists and physicians, who wish to ‘upgrade’ their clinical skills and provide a patient with complains in musculoskeletal system with an effective therapy.

Modern orthopedic medicine

OM Cyriax is today an internationally established method for treating the musculoskeletal lesions. In accordance with new scientific knowledge and evidence-based medicine, it is taught and practiced on virtually all continents.

As a manual method, it is of special value for orthopedic patients. Let’s mention some important aspects:

  • Reducing the consumption of drugs
  • Preventing acute pain from becoming chronic
  • Reducing the duration of sick leave


  • Less expensive and time consuming aparative diagnostics
  • Conservative treatment as a more friendly alternative to a surgical approach (fewer complications during and after surgery)

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